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Formal Cisco Announcement


This does not mark the end of life or anything significant for Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud.. What this does mean is that Cisco now has a better holistic single pane of glass to manage NetApp Flexpod / EMC VSPEX / VCE Vblock. In competitive situations, Cisco was left wide open in the end to end management gap from Cisco UCS Manager to a full bore Cloud environment without having to involve the likes of CA or BMC. Cloupia provides infrastructure element management with the ability to expose API hooks for CIAC to integrate to. The Cloupia Unified Infrastructure Controller allowed customers to have a menu driven approach to managing their converged infrastructure stack and perform some level of orchestration workflows ( bare metal installation of OS, VM creation / deletion / power on / power off, provisioning of storage ). This will be a great complementary growth for both companies as the demand for Cloupia was its meager staff was affecting their channel / sales growth so now by coupling Cisco’s field sales organization without fear of competitive backlash from the addressable market that Cloupia was focused on, it will better assert Cisco in the enterprise private cloud space.

It’s important to note that with the new ExpressPod architecture that Cloupia should be a critical selling component as it allows a single admin to provision and manage their entire stack for a nominal license fee.


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