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Passed my VCP5

So I’m one of the many who had until the end of the month to pass the VCP 5 without having to take the class. Honestly, I think VMware did a very fair job of making this exam relevant to implementation without focusing on limits that will change with every release. Granted, a lot has changed in vSphere 5 but it’s all good especially with how High Availability was rewritten and Storage DRS was introduced. I do think that there is some legitimate gripes that because the VCAP5-DCA and VCAP5-DCD have still not been released so forcing experts to start all of the way at the bottom without being able to renew VCP with a valid VCAP pass is silly as I personally renew all of Cisco specifications by retaking a valid CCIE written exam every 15 months or so. Anyways, again I think VMware is finally hitting the content focus but they still have a ways to go with the overall program.


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